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How To Add Bold, Italics And Strikethroughs In WhatsApp Messages

Earlier this month, WhatsApp rolled out an update that introduced text formatting options such as bold and italics for Android. The options at that time only showed up for Google Play...
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Whatsapp Now Allows You To Share Documents

Years after its launch, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger has finally received the feature to send documents over chats. The feature is visible in the most recent builds available via Google Play...

How To Play Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

Facebook's Messenger is turning out to be a robust communications platform, boasting over 800 million users. Aside from staying connected with your friends and family, the messaging service has a hidden...
Facebook Messenger Chess

Facebook Messenger Has A Hidden Chess Game

The Facebook Messenger app (which crossed the 800 million active users milestone last month), many of us use every day for chatting and voice calls, has a hidden chess game. The...
WhatsApp Is Going To Be Free

WhatsApp Is Going To Be Free For The Life

Popular and widely used multimedia messaging service WhatsApp is now free. The Facebook-owned company has decided to stop charging people 99 cents annually to use the service. Up until now, WhatsApp...
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Apple Throws Selected Apps Out Of The App Store, In Account...

Apple the leading tech giant in the world has removed several apps from the App Store for installing root certificates, which allows the developer...