Facebook Auto-Playing Videos Are Annoying, Here Is A Way To Turn Them Off

Facebook recently announced the auto-play feature on its website and app, now it has begun to appear in the timeline. For those who have unlimited data plan, they might be not...

How to Get started with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Here we are going learn how to set up iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. While setting up your device, you can start over at any point by pressing the Home button. Turn on...
Contact Sync IOS and Android

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone Using Google Account

While switching from Android to iPhone one of the first things you will wish to do is transfer contacts from the Android to the iPhone. If you're trying to know how to...

How to Switch from Android to iPhone.

If you are an Android user and planned to switch from android to iPhone, you must be concerned about transferring your data on iPhone. Switching from Android to iPhone with your...
Iphone 6

How to Know Our Own Mobile Number

Nowadays people used to keep so many sims with them for specific purpose. There are several reasons for having more than one sim, and as a human being it’s quiet natural to...
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Google And Levi’s Make Smart Commuter Trucker Jacket

"Wearable technology" most often equates to a bracelet that track how many calories you're burning at the gym or … well, actually, that's pretty...