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Facebook being one of the most popular social networking site, comes with various Facebook tips and tricks. If you surf Facebook on regularly or occasionally, chances are you’re already familiar with regular stuffs like add/delete friends, update statuses, walls and profile, add and explore pages & applications, etc, but there’s more. Here I have compiled a list of Facebook tricks that you would like to try on your Facebook profile. These below mentioned Facebook tips are evergreen and useful. We will keep updating this Facebook tips and tricks post, as soon as we get our hands on more such tricks. Facebook

Many of these tips and tricks aren’t well known, even to veterans of the 1.5 billion-strong people-connector. Facebook a leading social media giant is constantly updating its service, adding new features or tweaking old ones. A lot can slip through the cracks even if you are scrolling through your friends’ updates several times a day.

Here are a few ways to enhance your Facebook experience:

Appear online only to selected friends:

Facebook chat is one of the coolest and most useful features in Facebook. My dilemma, however, was how to limit the number of people I chat with every time I log in. I certainly can’t accommodate them all but I don’t want them to feel like I’m rejecting them when I don’t send them a reply. I didn’t know back then that it is possible to appear online only to a few selected friends. A friend of mine actually gave me this idea which I’m sure would be of use to you, too. This can be done by going chat pageadvance setting > will pop-up a window “turn on chat for all friends except” Start adding your friends name, for whom you don’t want to appear online. With this, you now appear completely invisible to them. Try it now.

How do you pronounce that?

Did you know you can add a pronunciation guide to your name on Facebook? Overlay colorful text on the photos you post? How about mark the end of a relationship without your 500 closest friends getting notified? Facebook’s users uses more than 80 languages to communicate with friends and family. That’s a lot of people, and there are a lot of different ways to say your name. In order to avoid any mispronunciation of the name you may add pronunciation guide. To add a pronunciation guide, go to the “about” section of your profile and click on “details about you,” (called “more about you” on mobile) then “name pronunciation.” here, Facebook will offer suggestions for your first and last name that you can listen to before selecting. If none work, you have option type in your own phonetic pronouncer.

One-time password

If you are logging in from a public computer or if you don’t feel comfortable typing in your password on a shared machine that might have malicious software, Facebook lets you request a temporary one by texting “OTP” to 123456. You’ll get a one-time password (OTP) that works for the next 20 minutes and the best part is it cannot be reused.

Unsubscribe me

We have number of friends in our Facebook page, anyone who’s commented on a popular Facebook post, or belongs to a particularly chatty group, knows that those notifications telling you that “you and 4 others also commented on a post” can get a bit annoying. If you do not like it, you can turn off notifications for individual posts by clicking on the globe icon on the top right corner of your web browser, then on the “x” next to the individual notification. You can also change your notification settings here to get fewer or more of them for each group that you belong to.

You can also use this trick on mobile, click to view the original post, then click the down arrow in the top right corner of the post. You’ll see an option to “turn off notifications.”

Keep it on the down-low

Broadcasting engagements and marriages on Facebook is fun. Post and watch the likes and congrats roll in. Bask in the love and glory. Fast-forward a few years for some couples, and the glory fades, not to mention the love and marriage. In this case, you might not want to announce the irreversible breakdown to your closest friends.

Thankfully, you can still mark the end of a relationship without notifying everyone. Go to your profile and click on the “about” > “family and relationships” on the left. > .” under relationship, you’ll see a gray icon that probably says “friends,” or maybe “public.” change it to “only me.” then change your relationship status. After a while, you can change it back if you wish. Your hundreds of acquaintances will be none the wiser, unless they are stalking your profile to see if you are single.

Picture perfect

Thanks to a popular but little-known new feature, Facebook lets you spruce up the photos you post by adding text and quirky stickers, such as drawings of scuba gear, sunglasses or a corn dog. This tool is available on iPhone and is coming soon to android devices. To use it, choose a photo to upload and click the magic wand icon. Here, you’ll find text overlay options as well as the same stickers you can use in other parts of Facebook.

Security check

Another new addition to face book’s tools is a “security checkup” that guides users through a checklist aimed at making their account more secure. This will includes logging out of Facebook on web browsers and apps they are not using, and receiving alerts when someone tries to log in to their account from an unfamiliar device or browser. To use it, go to https://www.facebook.com/help/securitycheckup on your computer – this feature is not yet available on the mobile app.

Changing fonts in Facebook status:

As you all aware that by default your status update have only one font, but you can always use a 3rd party service to change the font of your status update. I would suggest a cool website namefunk.com which you can use to change font for your Facebook status updates.

I hope you have enjoyed all tricks mentioned above. We will keep sharing more cool Facebook tips in future, don’t forget to join us on Facebook